Friday, April 25, 2014

Fun with Readers Theatre Scripts

I have come across a fantastic Readers Theatre Script site online at Dr. Young's Reading Room.  It has tons of readers theatre scripts that tell you how many parts are in each one.  So it makes it very easy to go in and look for one that has as many parts as you need for it. 

My kiddos have loved doing Readers Theatre this year and have done very well with it.  We have been able to incorporate them into our MTSS groups.  The kids in the class were able to perform for all the first graders at least one time this year.  All the kids get so excited to do it.  It is so fun to watch them and to see those ones that are more quiet, stand up in front of everyone and proudly say his/her lines.  The other exciting part about it is that one of the groups did one that was an Arthur book and realized that there were several Arthur books in the library that they could check out.  So, they have now checked out and have read all the Arthur books. 

Here is a picture of one that was performed today:


If you are needing some good Readers Theatre Scripts, make sure you check these out at Dr. Young's Reading Room.

Have a great weekend!

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