Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daily 5 Pros???

Okay, so we are full-blown Daily 5 now…well, sort of. We have not introduced “Listen to Reading” because we are waiting on a couple more computers to be available. However, we have the other four up and going.
Yesterday was our first day to “go for it.”
Kristi and I taught our normal whole-group lessons in a small group setting during each of our four rounds of Daily 5. I loved that part! It was so much easier to ensure all were engaged when only teaching to 4-5 instead of 19 at a time! I felt like I was able to go more in-depth and do a better job of teaching the skills and strategies from our reading series. It was wonderful!
My kids did surprisingly well! I was nervous, but for the most part, it went great. I even had one teacher stop in for something. She stopped at the door, looked around, and then looked back at me in my group and mouthed, “Wow!”
I was thinking, “I know. Isn’t it great?” J
I do have a question for those of you who are Daily 5 pros…
What do you do with the student who is simply not capable of staying on task?
Obviously, this question is coming after LOTS of modeling and LOTS of building stamina.
The “look” and proximity really do nothing to help this kiddo. It also doesn’t help to have this kiddo practice at recess.
By the way, I forgot to mention that I am completely jealous of those who do not have morning duty! :-)


  1. I have several of those kinds of kiddos this year. I've noticed that those kiddos are usually the ones who struggle, so if you have an aide or parent volunteer, I have them "read to self" to the adult. Other ideas: choose/assign their stations for them, have them sit by you (I'm doing guided reading while my students are at their station, so I have them sit in a desk or even at the table), or you can structure the activity more. For example, I have several non-writers, so I am making them journals where I give them a picture, they have a sentence starter, and they have to finish the sentence. If they have to show you some kind of "proof" that they did something, that will help. Sounds like things are going great in your classroom!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  2. Angela,

    Thanks for such good ideas for my kiddo. I really like the idea of giving them a sentence starter during writing. I also have a volunteer coming in this week and plan to have this little guy to "read to self" to her.

    Thanks again!



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