Monday, September 3, 2012

Calling All Morning Duty Ideas!

I must apologize for not posting last week - glad Kristi popped in on Saturday! 
We had morning duty last week (a pleasure the torture we have every 6-7 weeks or so). Ugh! It makes me feel completely behind. Add a Back-To-School Revival at my church Monday – Wednesday evenings, my son’s first cross country meet and my daughter’s first volleyball game on Thursday evening, and you will understand why I was MIA.
I literally came home Friday and laid on the couch all evening – blissfully doing absolutely nothing playing words with friends and even that was too taxing for my worn out brain so I had to stop. LOL!
Speaking of morning duty, I’m curious how other schools handle it. None of us are completely happy with our current system, but we don’t really have any better ideas.
Here’s how it works…we are a K-6 school and morning duty lasts from 7:45-8:10. The students are grouped by grade levels – K-1, 2-4, and 5-6. One week a grade level group will be in the gym doing activities with our awesome PE teacher while the two other groups are sitting in the hallway “reading.” I put that in quotes because most of the kids just pretend and to be honest I don’t care as long as they are quiet. The K-1 group sits in the library and watches a video instead of reading in the hallway for obvious reasons.
I know we’re all busy right now, but if you can find the time to post a comment about your morning duty, we’d love to hear from you!
Happy Labor Day - enjoy the extra day off!
P.S. Here’s some pictures of us “building stamina.” We are up to 15 minutes – woohoo! I give the kiddos the choice of sitting at their desk or on the floor near their desk. This particular day most of them picked their desk.



  1. So your kids don't really have a morning recess. Is that it? We have a 15 minute recess outside. My school is only K-3, so all the kids are out at the same time. Two teachers have duty, and we rotate throughout the year.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Sorry. I don't think I explained well. Morning duty is before school starts from 745 to 810. We start school at 815. I'm looking for what you are doing with the kids who arrive early...

    2. Gotcha. Our kids are eating breakfast in the gym or are outside playing. There are a few people on duty but no classroom teachers.

  2. Our students all hang out in the gym until 7:50 with a few building aides, then they are sent to their classrooms and we are officially teaching from that point on! If we want recess/a break, it's up to us to arrange it and monitor it! Not sure if your school is using this in place of recess, or what it's purpose, but we don't have "morning duty", other than to begin our day! Sorry that's completely unhelpful...I hope you can work together to find a system you all like!

  3. Our classroom teachers rotate morning/afternoon duty- only one post for afternoon (7:45-8:10 and 2:35-3:00) for maybe a few weeks at most throughout the year. Special area teachers (including me) have afternoon duty every day of the school year. I do K-3 car pick up from 2:40-3:05 in the hot Florida heat! Yuck.

  4. Our kids aren't allowed anywhere on campus except in the cafeteria to eat breakfast before 8:15 when they are allowed to enter the classroom. We have our classroom aides and specials teachers do duty on a rotating basis in the cafeteria in the morning. They also do afternoon duty at the buses and parent pickup in the afternoon. Our teachers don't have any duties (except to watch the kids at recess).
    Teachin' First

  5. Luckily, we don't have morning duty. We have to be at our door at 745 to greet students. Sometime I. The next month we will start breakfast in the classroom (it's such a great idea to establish a routine for 2 months and then change!) so I'm not sure what our mornings will look like!

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