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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crackle Painting with Glue - REALLY!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Kristi and I can finally join in the celebration. We were a little jealous that many of you were off the entire week. We made it through a jam packed two days and officially started Thanksgiving break yesterday!
Check out how my first attempt at crackle painting with Elmer's glue turned out. This was an idea I found on Pinterest (of course).

When we moved into this house, the bathroom had this HUGE vanity. It was a very dark wood and since it is an interior room I really wanted to brighten it up. We painted it white - almost everything in the room. It was bright, but lacked personality so now - about three years later - I decided to try again. I wanted to bring in my favorite color scheme (blue and brown).
I had read that you paint your base coat (in my case brown). Then put Elmer's glue on it before painting the top color. I really had no idea how much glue I needed...
I may or may not have raced to find the glue before another lady at the store who was also telling her kids she needed a lot of glue!
Okay, I was nervous about this...so I just tried it on a door first with a light coat of glue. Cracks were too small - like slivers. Read some more online and realized I needed A LOT of glue for bigger cracks.
So I really smeared it on...then you wait until your glue gets tacky.
Paint your top-coat on and TADA! You have the crackle effect.

Lessons learned:
I didn't need as much glue as I thought. I bought 9 bottles of 7 oz. glue (I saved the other lady 3) and I only used 4 1/2.
Wait for it...I was a little nervous at first. After it was completely dry, I loved the results.
If you try this on a vertical surface (like the sides of my vanity), you will not be able to use as much glue. It will slide.
Fortunately for us, one of the sliding spots was right where a hinge goes and the other is on the side of the vanity no one can see.
Okay on to some exciting news - TPT and TN are having some great sales and Kristi and I joined in. You will be able to get 30% off of our products over the next few days.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!


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