Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wisdom for Wednesday-Our Thoughts

Welcome to another week of:

That is a powerful saying if you really stop and think about it.  Think of the thoughts that you had recently.  Were they positive, negative and what message did they send?  How would God want us to think about everything in our lives and about ourselves?  I know that it is hard to always think positive and have the joy daily that God wants us to have because of all the trials and tribulations that we have in this world.  Although I do believe that God wants us to see ourselves through his eyes and wants our thoughts to be positive.  I know that for myself when my thoughts are negative then my attitude becomes negative, but when I make an effort to make my thoughts positive, I tend to have more joy that I believe God intended me to have in this life.  

So, what thoughts will you have to start your day tomorrow?  

Have a great day!

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