Saturday, January 28, 2017

Measurement, Perimeter, Fractions and Fun!

Happy weekend! I’m so excited to actually have a Saturday at home (well, mostly). 

Last Saturday was a very long, exciting—which means emotionally draining—day. We won the league tournament championship! This is the first time our girls have won the tournament championship since 1974 so we were pretty pumped.

 Pictured: My brother (head coach), my niece, my daughter, and me (assistant coach). 

We have spent the last couple weeks measuring. This week we added perimeter and an introduction to area. The kiddos love the actions and words I came up with for remembering them. I use WBT, so we do mirror with words. “Perimeter is…” Index fingers touching in front of my chin. “…the distance around the shape.” As I make a rectangle in the air. Then… “Area is…” As we make spirit fingers in the middle of our imaginary rectangle. “…in the middle!”

 Gotta love seeing those math helpers handy!

If you’ve followed our blog long, you know that in my building I teach 2nd grade and K-2 science. This year the 1st and 2nd graders are combined for science. It has been pretty neat to organize my class in a way that encourages the 2nd graders to be helpers. This week as we learned about properties of matter, it was the perfect opportunity to let the 2nd graders “teach” the 1st graders how to measure. 

Bonus: The first grader teacher is excited that they will have some background knowledge when she gets to her measurement unit!

We have spent the last couple of weeks learning all about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. The timing is also perfect to learn how to write a biography with all of their new knowledge. :-)

Fractions, fractions! I’m getting ready to start fractions with my class next week. Kristi’s fraction pack makes it easy to combine some fun activities with a few practice pages to supplement my plans. Easy Peasy!

That wraps up my Five for Friday post! 

Have a great weekend!


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