Saturday, December 10, 2016

Love Notes, Subtraction with Regrouping, and Christmas Break

Happy Weekend!

I'm trying to get my household and blogging responsibilities taken care of before racing off to a basketball tournament later in the day. We're playing for third place--and I'm trying to be okay that it isn't first! Ha! 

This preseason tournament is two hours away and started off on Monday, getting us all home about midnight. :-( Our girls (and boys, though I don't coach them) are exhausted and many are coming down with a nasty virus of some kind. Both my kiddos are fighting it...and I'm afraid I'm next. Ugh!

Anyway, let me jump in and give you a random peek at my week!


My class this year has an interesting dynamic that I don't know that I can fully explain, but one thing is for certain: I have a bunch of ornery boys! They try to make up for it with "love notes" in their writing journals, which I truly appreciate. ;-)

Here's one of my favorites...



The only prepackaged cookies I will eat. 
I figure if I'm going to blow my attempt at healthy eating, it better be on something homemade.

I have a sweetie who brought a HUGE stash of these for snack time. Then I was reminded of when I had her sister a few years ago, and the struggle I had with these cookies... So if history repeats itself, there will be more coming. I'm happy to say that when I feel the need to have a bag, I am showing some self-discipline and making it last me all day. ;-)


Subtraction with regrouping...

I was seriously dreading this week because of subtraction with regrouping, but I think I'm getting better at teaching it--maybe?
It wasn't so bad after spending two days on the "concrete" of the process using Base 10 blocks. I'll see what they remember next week before declaring this a victory.


Speaking of next week, I know from posting this on IG and FB that many of you are looking forward to Friday so you can start your Christmas break.

I, on the other hand, will have kids until the 20th and staff development on the 21st. :-( 

Don't misunderstand me. 
I actually voted for an even shorter Christmas break so we could get out earlier in May (that calendar didn't win), but once you start hearing about other schools in the area being done this week, you can't help but feel a little jealous! :-)

And about that staff's hoping admin somehow makes it "merry."


And finally, I'm taking Christmas back!
You can read about that here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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