Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Break...Soon?

Happy weekend (and Christmas break to some of you)!

First, an update on my son. We're praising the Lord for good news from the doctor. The MRI showed the ACL was fine. They couldn't really see the problem, so they think it could have been a scar tissue or meniscus issue. Based on how he is doing, they are going to let him rest it another week and try to play basketball again. If he continues to have problems, they will want to go in and clean it up. We're praying that isn't least not until basketball is over. 

Second, I have my student gifts wrapped and ready to go!

I always do Scholastic books. They are easy and come in handy if we have extra time to fill on party day.

We have two days this week. 

Monday morning we'll be making our parent gifts. We've planned some fun rotations for the kids in the afternoon. 

Tuesday we are giving them some movie options in the morning. Caroling after lunch. Then it is PARTY time. :-)

I plan to embrace the crazy and survive!

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