Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday - The Battle (Take Two)

Hello there!

As I was thinking about the Wisdom post for this week, I kept thinking of how wonderful it feels this week to be less busy.

You may remember we had state volleyball on Friday and Saturday. We finished 4th in the state (not quite what we had hoped for, but still an amazing season with a 40-5 record). I have the next couple weeks off of practice before basketball starts up. I know--I'm crazy! But I enjoy coaching as much as I do teaching! It is just the "busyness" that it creates that sometimes makes me feel a little overwhelmed.

Anyway, back to the Wisdom…these thoughts of "relaxation" reminded me of an old favorite post (originally shared on May 6, 2015) and I just had to share it again.

Just as before, it speaks to me not just about the "work" we do for the Lord, but also the stuff of life. The things that distract us from our relationship with the Lord. 

This year, I have really tried to remain focused on the things of the Lord. No matter what the day--or my class (ha!)--throws at me, I want to be ready to face Jesus Christ at any time. 

The things we do here on this earth are important. They are necessary. However, my relationship with the Lord is most important!

Do I live like it?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week. Friday is coming! ;-)

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