Saturday, November 5, 2016

Five for Friday - Peek at my Week!

Happy Weekend!

I'm linking up with Kacey again to give you a peek at my week.


I missed last week's post, but I think I had a good reason. Our volleyball team (I'm the assistant coach and my daughter plays) made it to the state tournament! We played pool play Friday and advanced to Saturday. We lost a close one in the semi-final match and then played flat in the 3rd place match to come away with 4th. It wasn't the finish I had hoped for, but I'm still thankful for a fun 40-5 season with these girls!

#6 is my niece. She missed the Saturday games because she was running in the state cross country meet. It was tough on her and the team! The girls carried her jersey around all day and took pictures with it.


After such a big weekend, I was feeling pretty rough on Sunday and Monday. I was exhausted, fighting some sinus bug, and my back was out either from sleeping in the hotel or cheering so much for the girls. Yes, that last one reminds me of how old I really am. ;-)

Even though I was feeling awful, I survived the Halloween party on Monday! I dressed up as a "coach" so I could be comfortable in sweat pants. #Lame #ButSweatsMakeMeFeelBetter

Check out these cute Capri-Sun drinks one of the moms brought:


And this is me the next was the first day I had to "dress up" for work in a week (thanks to Red Ribbon week and Halloween) and I was definitely struggling. Ha!


The election is fast approaching (I'd love to end this sentence with an exclamation mark, but I don't think this election has left most American voters--including me--too excited.). I've spent the last couple weeks teaching about our government, election process, and the U.S. Symbols. We will have a mock election on Tuesday and then keep right on moving into Veterans Day activities this week.

These activities are from this Social Studies interactive notebook pack. I'm glad I figured out a way to use them even though we don't do INBs for Social Studies!

 This is the mess I make when I'm preparing for a sub. Ugh! 
I'm headed to an Autism Conference on Monday. I'm very excited to learn more about how to help autistic students be successful in the classroom. 

6 or Bonus, I guess...

I was so excited to sleep in and have nothing planned on a Saturday that I had to snap a screen shot of the time when I woke up. 
I love coaching volleyball, but I miss my Saturdays at home! We had tournaments every Saturday (except for one) since the beginning of the season so this was long overdue! :-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey there! I think it's great that you're a volleyball asst. coach - along with teaching full time! I know what you mean - prepping for a sub. is so much work! Glad you had a nice day today!

  2. Nice job on a successful season. My nephew is a first year teacher this year and brand new varsity volleyball coach. I don't know how you teacher/coaches do it.


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