Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday - I Can't Do Everything!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are having a great week. 

I started the "real" physical therapy on my shoulder yesterday. Yikes! So excited to get the use of my arm back, but wowser! It is painful and challenging. I like a challenge though, so that is good. Just have to be careful the athlete in me doesn't push too hard. I keep telling myself, "Patience. Patience. Patience." I'll let you know when that starts working. LOL!

I found the best Wisdom for Wednesday yesterday as I did my Bible study. Remember I'm working through True Woman 201 by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary A. Kassian. This week's chapter has been about responsibilities and "work" whether that is inside or outside the home.

It has been such an encouragement to me and a reminder that my teaching is a ministry--and I would do well to remember that!

But this…this!

This speaks to me. 

To the very core of this over-achieving, perfectionist! 

Anyone else?


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