Monday, November 16, 2015

Sight Words

We have been spending some extra time on our sight words each week and I'm excited to say that the kids are knowing them when I test them on the words at the end of the week.  YAY!  We begin our week by introducing the sight words and talking to our shoulder buddy about what they mean and they try to use them in a sentence.  Then the practice is on!  Here is what we have been doing to master those sight words:

1.  Quiz Quiz Trade-This is a Kagan strategy that is very simple.  I make the flashcards of our sight words and give each kid a sight word.  They walk around the room and find someone to read their sight word.  Once they both have read the sight word, they switch cards and move on to someone else. 

2.  Around the World-The kids never get tired of doing this one.  They form 2 lines and see who can read the sight word first.

3.  Tic Tac Toe-They get a tic tac toe board with their words on it.  To put an X or O down they have to say the word first. 

4.  Connect Four-They always love playing the connect four game that we have several on TPT.  If they say the word correctly then they get to mark it.  Whoever gets 4 in a row wins.  

5.  Superspeed-I type out the sight words several times and we line up on the floor and the first student says the first word, second student (second word) etc.  They have one minute.  We do this every day and they try to beat how far they get each day. It has also helped them to listen and track each word that is said by the other students.  (sorry I didn't get a picture of this one).

6.  I Have Who Has-they always love playing I Have Who Has.  I time them and they try so hard to beat their time.  (sorry I forgot to get a picture of this one as well).

They love practicing the sight words with all of these and the best thing about it is that they are starting to master the words!

Have a great day!

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