Saturday, September 19, 2015

Five for Friday!

Hey there!

This week felt like a roller coaster ride.
The ups and downs and twists and turns just about did me in!

In fact, if you had heard me yesterday during my too short 20 minute break in the afternoon...I'm pretty sure you would have said something like this:

"Stop whining!"
"Be quiet!"

Or maybe you would have had mercy on me and said:

"You need a nap!"


Seriously though.

I was without internet for three days.
In a row.

That makes things difficult when you plan for kids to use internet based programs on the iPads or when most of your files are saved on OneDrive or when you can only connect to a printer at the school via get the idea.

And then my computer to projector is not working right (this has been since I got a new one on the first day of school--so a month--but it is getting worse now...). 
For Kindergarten science, I had planned to watch a video about science safety. The five minute video must have "shorted out" 8-10 times. It would come right back up, but you know Kinders just can't handle that sort of when I got to break time I was DONE. :-(

I took my computer to the office--everyone else in the building had internet yesterday, I'm the only one without now--and tried to print some things I needed for next week. The poor secretary had to hear me complain for a good five minutes as I worked. #notproud #beingreal

I really am flexible and can go with the flow...for a couple of days. Third day apparently is all I can take! Guess I need to work on that!

Okay, on to the pictures!


My son has been waiting and hoping to see my Acadia reach 100,000 miles. Ha! He missed it, so I took a picture 3 miles too late. Hubby was driving, don't worry!


We are rocking Daily Five! So excited to get going and see the kids doing so well with it!

3. and down?

This class keeps me on my toes, but they are so kind hearted!

They have really gotten into filling our classroom bucket!


Friday's recess entertainment. They decided Mom was carrying Baby so we went with that! One of the Kinder boys insisted I take a picture!


Volleyball is keeping me busy! 

In fact, I'm on my way to a tournament as I write this. Last week, we got 2nd at our home tournament. Going for GOLD today! 

Our varsity is 10-2. JV is 4-2.

That's my daughter Harley with the headphones.

That's all I've got! ;-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a week for sure. Hope you get to relax and gear up for a great next week!

    1. Thanks Alyce! This week has been much better!


  2. Gotta love technology, huh...except when it's not working. I hope everything is up and running for you now.

    1. Close, Tammy. Internet is a go. Still waiting on a part for my projector! Soon, I hope!



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