Monday, February 23, 2015

Sight Word Olympics and Reader's Theatre

Today we had another award ceremony for those students who were able to pass their set of sight words.  We started Sight Word Olympics where the students get a list of sight words to practice.  They have 2 1/2 minutes to say the sight words without sounding them out.  If they can do it then they earn a reward and move on to the next set of sight words.  The awards are a blue ribbon, bronze medal, silver medal and gold medal.  It was so fun to see those today that earned an award because they got so excited and proud of their accomplishment!  Their smiles are just priceless!  One of them even told me today that he had never gotten an award before and he was going to hold on to that blue ribbon for the rest of his life!  LOL!  Here they are all proud:

It is so fun to see how kids can excited over some of the littlest things.  I had a couple of groups working on a readers theatre that I got at Dr. Young's Reading Room (I love this site because it has tons of reader's theatre scripts with how many parts the script has).  The groups practiced their parts and using expression during our MTSS groups and they got to perform it in front of the 6th graders.  They were so excited and very nervous!  It was fun to watch them because they stood up proud, used their expression and did a fantastic job!  Check them out:

Isn't it fun to see kiddos get excited about learning??

Hope you have a great day!

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