Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Small Victories

First, I have to apologize for no pictures...again. I'm telling you, the schedule I have this year leaves me with little time to snap pictures.
I even had a great photo op planned last Friday. We have been working on fractions and reading a recipe in math, so I decided the kids and I should bake cookies. I got permission to use the kitchen (small school, remember?) and Friday afternoon for our "fun thing" we made chocolate chip cookies. I planned to take pictures ALL day and then...well...as you can see it didn't happen. I made a joke later that I was finally a nice teacher and didn't even have any proof. Ha! Kristi even teased me...didn't believe I was capable of having so much "fun!" Hee hee...we both love our routine, but every once in awhile I do get a crazy idea or two.
This week I lost a student (moved away) and gained a student so I'm holding steady at 23. I'm happy to report that my newbie did a wonderful job today during Daily 5. I gave her a trusted mentor and went on with my groups as normal. The only problem I have...and it is a good problem...is that I now have 8 kids in my highest reading group and we can't fit very well around my back table! We will manage, I guess.
Hmmm...small victories...sorry I almost forgot where I was headed with this post. LOL! I'm celebrating the small victories this year. Here's a few:
Victory #1 - All of my struggling readers are showing progress...some small, others HUGE!
Victory #2 - Speaking of that, I moved one of my kiddos to a higher reading group today. I was hoping it would encourage, not frustrate. She did awesome and read so well! It really boosted her confidence.
Victory #3 - One of my kiddos who I have struggled to connect with gave me a very big hug today. :-)
Victory #4 - Math rotations are getting better. Some of my kiddos are starting to do Mountain Math and Mountain Language w/o help.
Victory #5 - All of the Kindergartners sang the first (of five - at least it was one, right?) songs we are practicing for the program. I usually have 4-5 who do not consistently participate. :-(
Here's a little freebie for you if you have stuck with me. This is a Connect Four game I'm using this week to work on the long e sound. Students play in pairs, take turns rolling the dice. They then attempt a word with that number in the corner. If correct, they can put a marker on their square. I even let my kiddos knock each other off...they love it!
Grab it here quick. It will go back to regular price of $1.00 (still a good price) soon!
Have a great week!


  1. Victories, big or small, are important to ponder. Glad you found many. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. This time of year--when I feel so swamped--small victories are a great reminder of why I love my job!



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