Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creative Musical Instruments

This past week, we read the story Beth and the Band in our Treasures reading series.  In the story, the kids wanted to play in a band so they used items that they had to make instruments.  My co-teacher had the great idea to have the kids make his/her own instrument using items around the house and bring it in on Friday.  The kids were so excited about doing this and many of them already had the instrument made the next day (we gave them the full week to work on it at home).  Let me tell you that these kids were very creative on what they made.  

On Friday, our music teacher had the kids bring their homemade instruments to music with them.  He had them play the instruments and then he had the great idea to see if they could tell which instrument group their instruments belonged.  Below you will see some of the pictures of the kids holding their instruments:

Here they are having fun playing their instruments!

They had a great time with it and were very creative!!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. I do this in class after a story in our reader - I can't remember the name for sure - something about Violet's Music. The kids really enjoy making and playing the instruments.


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