Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wisdom for Wednesday - Prayer Rights

Have you ever gotten used to seeing something hanging in your home or classroom and rarely gave it much thought anymore? That is what inspired this week's...

This quote has been on a piece of scrap paper posted on my husband's desk for at least a year. He wrote it down as a reminder.
I remember reading it when he first posted it, but over time I had stopped considering what it meant.
All that changed as I recently sat at his desk to do my morning devotions. I was seeking peace in a situation that I had been praying about and my eyes fell on the quote with new interest.
All I could think was PRAISE THE LORD!
I'm so thankful that answered prayer is based on God's grace, mercy and unfailing love! It would be a very scary thing if my prayers were answered based on my "rights" and what I actually deserved. I'd much rather trust in Him and His Goodness for my answers to prayer!
Have a blessed day!


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