Saturday, July 13, 2013

Work Folders

I have always used work folders in the classroom.  In the past, students would each have a folder that on one side said finished work and the other side said unfinished work.  They would work on them during our seat work time and when they had extra time.  I kept them all in a basket.  Crystal and I both didn't like the fact that the kids always had to go and dig around in the basket to get his/her folder.  It seemed like a waste of time.  So, last year we put folders on the side of their desks.  We found this idea from Second Grade Sandcastle:
This was a great idea and I loved it!  The only problem that I had was durability of them.  Crystal used Velcro on hers and I used hot glue.  They held up pretty good until the last few months of school.  They really started to fall apart at that point.  I have been trying to figure out if there is something more durable that I could use this year.  Any ideas?  How do you manage unfinished work?  Please send me your thoughts ideas.  :-)


  1. Okay, people! What she is not telling you is that she likes for the kids to keep their workbooks in there too!!! :-)

    I think that is why mine held up a little better - although I did have to replace several about the time we got to spring break, so I'm interested in your thoughts as well!


  2. LOL! That is true! I wanted the workbooks that weren't finished to be put in there as well....:-)

  3. Well, any workbooks with unfinished pages got stickynotes put on pages I wanted the students to work on. Did that help students finish those pages? From what I observed this past year, it actually got the job done! (she said with pleasant surprise). This year, I am going to use 4-pocket folders that students will keep in their desk and 1 of those pockets will be designated for unfinished loose work. We'll see how that goes! I think I'll still try my sticky note method for workbooks though! Good luck!
    BTW, Crystal, I love how you totally outted her!;) true teamie-love!

  4. I know....she is always doing that to me LOL!

    That is a good idea using sticky notes in the books. Are you going to have them turn in the 4-pocket folder at certain times?

    Thanks for sharing these good ideas!

  5. I did not like the basket system either. We switch classes, so I didn't really like having them leave work at their desks. Now, I use a file folder pocket chart organizer like this.

    It serves two purposes. My students put their daily folders in there (sideways). If they have unfinished work, they put it in vertically in front of the folder, so it's easily seen. (Workbooks fit too!) If it's still unfinished at the end of the day, it's easy to see, and we can decide if it needs to be taken home to be finished. This system works well for us.

    HTH & nice blog, ladies :)



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