Friday, July 19, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds!!

I absolutely love the Dollar Tree.  I was excited to make a trip there this week even though I don't like to shop.  I have always dreaded malls etc. for me.  But the Dollar Tree is one place that I enjoy going to because you can get so many neat things.  Well, my trip to the Dollar Tree this time did not leave me empty handed by any means.  
These are the items I purchased to use in the classroom:
1.  baskets-I believe that I will be putting the students in groups/teams at the beginning.  I saw where you can place plastic cups in the baskets and put some supplies in it.  I thought I would do this and keep the group's pencils and erasers in it.  I'm sure I could use it for something else as well, but haven't thought of it yet.  :-)

2.  Krazy Straws- last year we did krazy straws for birthdays.  So, I picked up some of these for the kiddos' birthdays.
3.  Mechanical pencils-I bought some mechanical pencils for the kids last year that they could use in their writer's notebooks.  They were so excited about them.  So, I picked some up for this year as well.  This year, I am going to try this idea found by Melanie Pinola on pinterest:
You just tape a straw to the side of their journals and put the pencil in it.  That way they always have their pencil when it is time for them to write. 
4.  Small magnetic wire baskets-these things are so neat!  I thought I'd put my extra daily 5 choice cards in them.  I should have got more of them because I realized that I could have used them to put my expo markers in as well.....oh well, guess I'll have to go back and get some more and maybe find some more neat things!  :-)
I am in the process of working on a Monday Made-It project.  I am not crafty by any means.  But sometimes I think I am because I will try out a lot of stuff.  I always find things and think....oh I want to do that.  It wouldn't be that hard......then I find out that not only can I not do it, it is hard and it doesn't turn out for me.  So, I am working on something that I have always wanted in the classroom and have seen others do.  I have adapted it a bit and I am crossing my fingers in hopes that it turns out.  Tune in on Monday to see if it worked or flopped.  :-)
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  1. I LOVE the dollar tree! I need to go check it out before school starts!! Love your blog!! I just started a 2nd grade blog follow me!

    Mrs. Polman

  2. I can't travel anywhere without stopping at a Dollar Tree!!! I'm planning on making birthday bags before school begins. I'm going to look for the Krazy Straws to place in them. Thanks for sharing your dollar finds!!!

    1. Good luck with your Dollar Tree visit. Hope you find a lot of great stuff!

  3. The pencil in the straw idea is so very clever. Such great ideas out there! Good luck with your project. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. I glad there is pinterest and we can find all those clever things out. :-)


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