Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moving :-(

Some of you may remember from this post in March that I will be changing jobs next year, and I am a teacher that likes to leave ASAP on that final day. It is approaching so FAST!
11 more days with kids!
13 more days total!
I started thinking that I did not want to be sitting around here packing after everyone else has gone home for the summer. On top of that, Kristi is the one moving into my room and she has been giving me grief about getting out of her way. Well, not too bad...but I've got to give her a bad time because I know what she is blogging about this weekend and it will be an embarrassment to me! You'll have to stay tuned to find out...all I can say is she took pictures of this most embarrassing fact about me.
What a friend! ;-)
Anyway, back to moving. On Saturday, I came up to my room and took everything out of my cabinets and my closet. I didn't think I had very much stuff because I have only been teaching THREE years, but as you can see...

The room was a mess! I had three bags of trash and several boxes of recycling. I packed 5 totes, one large box, and LOTS of items that wouldn't fit in those things to take home with me. I literally only left the things that I'm still using or what will stay at the school.
Now I'm thinking, "Where am I going to put all this stuff?"
My new classroom is smaller and I don't even have a closet! Ack! The set up should be interesting...
The clean out was fun and revealing. I found a lot of things from college that I was sure I would use and hadn't touched in three years. Like Charlotte...
Charlotte was made in my teaching art class--the program insisted we learn to teach art, music, and PE because we might end up with a school that did not have a teacher for specials.
Funny thing is...that is exactly where I'm heading! As of right now, I will be teaching my own specials at my new school. I'm still praying they find a music teacher because...well, let's just say I've learned and forgotten how to play the piano twice in my life...
So I had to part with Charlotte. She is now sitting in the teacher's lounge waiting for a good home or someone else to throw away because I didn't have the heart to do it!
Have a great rest of the week!
P.S. Kristi is already filling my closet, cabinets, and filing cabinet! ;-)


  1. Moving is such a pain. You have to be exhausted and overwhelmed with packing, while everyone keeps saying things like "at least it will help you clean some things out". :) Hang in there...
    Funky First Grade Fun

    1. Thanks Kimberly. It will be great when it is finished that's for sure!


  2. For years, I had a cool papier mache Waldo that I made in college. I finally did part with him. Some things just gotta go. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Ha! That's the truth!

      Poor Kristi...she moved into her room three years ago after being in the same one forever. She did major clean-out. Now she has to move into my room, knowing she'll be moving again when a remodel is finished! Ugh!



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