Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy, Scary, Sad, Good, and Great News

My spring break started a little earlier than Kristi's last week. I had to get special permission to do some parent/teacher conferences ahead of time so I could leave Wednesday for the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament. For those of you that don't know, I'm a HUGE college basketball fan. It was so much fun -- especially seeing my JAYHAWKS win the championship (sorry Kristi - she's a K-State fan)! I did cheer for K-State also...until they were playing against KU. :-)
I love March Madness! My bracket is filled out and I'm anxiously waiting for the games to get underway!
Okay, enough about basketball.
I have some news to share...
Last week, I was hired as the 2nd grade teacher in my home district for 2013-2014! I'm so excited to be in the same district as my own kids and to be so close to work (right now I spend almost an hour driving to/from work every day). I know this is an awesome school with great teachers, and I can't wait to get started next year...
2nd Grade? Can I do it??? So much to learn and figure out...
I *love* my current school too! I will truly miss all the wonderful faculty and staff there. I have made such great friends the last four years. I have shed tears over this decision, but I know it is right for me and my family.
When Kristi and I started our blog, we didn't want the name to include a grade level in case we got moved around. We're still going to be a team for our blog and our online stores. :-)
Kristi and I want to wish you all a Happy Spring Break by throwing a sale in our TPT store. We did some reorganizing to try and make things easier to find. We have added some items recently as well, so head on over to do some shopping at 20% off. Hurry - Sale Ends March 23rd!
Okay, I think that covers it...
If you have any advice for changing grade levels or 2nd grade in general, I'd love to hear it! Thanks!

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