Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Narrative Writing Funnies

We have been hitting narrative writing very hard as grade cards approach. Kristi and I plan to have the students have a narrative piece with an illustration up in the hallway for parents to admire as they wait for conferences.

I have really been challenging the students to be creative and come up with some original stories.

Here's a few that should give you a chuckle...

...and maybe prove that we have more work to do...

...I did try to correct spelling for you, but there is obviously some grammar mistakes, etc...

Once upon a time, there were two friends. Their names were Miranda and Maggie. Miranda lost her necklace. We looked and looked and then we found it! But then grumpy old ________ (name protected because it is another student in class and didn't seem too flattering  to call her grumpy) wiggling down the road and growling at us. We ran to the house and hid in the closet.

This is an ocean. I like to fish with my dad. A big fish we could not get it in the boat! It was SO heavy I almost fell in the water!

Once upon ago, there was a chipmunk. He couldn't see his owner so he was sad. La La La. I found my owner. He ran to his owner. "Are you my owner?" "Yes," said the girl.

When I learned how to ride a bike, I still needed training wheels. I got way better. I could do wheelies. It was scary. When I got older, I got better.

There once was a cow named Gavin. Gavin was a very nice cow. One day Gavin was at his house looking out the window. Then he saw his friend Alyssa the fly.
Then Alyssa said, "What are you doing?"
"I am looking out the window. I can't go outside because it's raining."
"Ok," said Alyssa. "Do you want to do something?"
"Na," said Gavin. So they looked out the window for about 5 hours and then they saw some light!

Here's my personal favorite...this one they came up with as a class.

Mrs. R loves Coca Cola in a glass bottle. It is her favorite way to drink pop!

One day, when the first graders were very rowdy, she needed an ice-cold coke. She searched her desk for a Coca Cola in a glass bottle, but she couldn’t find any.

So Mrs. R rummaged for her wallet in search of money to go buy one. But she had accidentally left her wallet at home! However, she had a sack of cans that she decided to sell on the street.

After selling cans for five long, hot hours, she finally had enough money to buy a Coca Cola in a glass bottle. Then she took a sip of it, and said, “Yum!”
Around Christmas time when we were making our Christmas lists, I put Coca Cola in a glass bottle on mine. I do absolutely love it - hubby got me a huge box FULL our first Christmas together and I told the kids about it. Apparently, it left quite an impression. ;-)

Okay, one more funny...

One of my kiddos tells me that his dad has been trying to guess my age...thinks I'm in my twenties. I'm thinking, "Hey, I can live with that." Then my kiddo says, "I told him no way. She has to be in her thirties at least." LOL!

Kids are so honest...

Have a great rest of the week! We have already called off school for tomorrow. SNOW DAY!!!!



  1. I hope you enjoyed your snow day. Send a few flakes my way if you can. I wouldn't mind one of those days. Kids and their writing is so much fun!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

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