Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Checklist - I'm a Believer and Lunch ?s

You may remember my whiny post the other day...about never being done with my work even though I stay late every night...
Then Kristi's post about the checklists she is using along with the timer that Amanda suggested...
Well, I have been using the checklists (no timer for me because I usually ride with hubby) and guess what time I was done with my work today (remember contract time ends at 3:45)?
Can you believe it? I'm not sure I believe it either. Plus I have things marked off of tomorrow's checklist already.
I think I need to write this down in a history book somewhere just in case it never happens again. :-)
I was so early I paid the bills.
Then I wrote out encouragement cards to some friends.
And now I'm blogging.
I'm so early, I may get to browse Pinterest while I wait for hubby to get off work.
Okay, onto the lunch quandary I have been in. We have a duty-free lunch, so I send my kiddos to lunch and leave them in the hands of our wonderful lunchroom workers. And almost everyday when I go to collect those sweet kiddos, I get the same bad report.
"Too loud."
"Talking when the lights are off (that means be quiet and eat)."
"Playing around."
"Hands on others."
It wouldn't be so bad, but Kristi's class gets a glowing report (I may be exagerrating there) every day.
Never mind that I may be getting what I deserve because last year these reports were flipped and I would tease Kristi about her loud, obnoxious class. :-)
Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has some creative consequences or ideas for misbehavior at lunch.
Here's what I have tried:
Moving clips down when we get back to the room when I know names.
Time on the line at recess as a whole class.
Shortening FUN FRIDAY to put our heads down on our desk.
Points - for them or me (we have a friendly competition each week where they earn points for a lot of things - not just lunch)
And finally, today I sat them in assigned seats. I told them we may stay like that forever...
Well, at least until the end of the year.


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  1. I'm glad to hear your experiment is still working! Sometimes when I've needed something extra to help our librarian out, I'll send each kid to library with a sticker on their shirt. If the librarian removes a person's sticker it's very obvious who needs a consequence and who doesn't. Assigned seats are a great idea already though.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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