Wednesday, August 22, 2012

KABOOM and Craft Project Ideas!

Look what I came home to yesterday? Surprise!
Another goodie box from They sent these out to us for FREE! Check it out:

Poms – will be great for craft projects and even Kristi’s POM POM Critters

Paint brushes – these will be great for our Extra Fun Thing or Fun Friday…not sure what we are calling it this year, one of our choices is water coloring.

Construction paper – what teacher can’t use construction paper?

Beads – fine motor skills practice by stringing them or craft projects

Craft sticks – teachers can never have too many of these! I just used a lot of these to make KABOOM! games with math facts - idea from the Teacher Tipster...

Pipe cleaners – WORD WORK – WOOHOO!

Magnetic buttons and magnetic adhesive roll – just love to make things magnetic to stick on my white board

Remember you can find all these ideas at Wal-Mart and they have some great ideas on the Craft Project Ideas website.

Go make a KABOOM game - super simple and the kiddos will love it! ;-)


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