Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crystal's FINAL Classroom Tour

Okay, this is it! The final tour of my classroom. Woohoo! This is what parents and kiddos saw when they came in last night for Meet the Teacher.

View from classroom door...See my workfolders on the side of the desks? I'm excited about those!

View of word wall (on cabinets), mailboxes, and hooks for backpacks and coats. PE shoes go on the floor below - ugh!!! I'm going to have the tall kiddos put their shoes on the top of the hooks this year. Maybe that will help with the mess...

View from back of the room of my main teaching area. I had a PPT running for the Meet the Teacher - it was come and go. On their desks, I had my parent handbook and a "survey" that I ask them to fill out to tell me about their kiddos.
This is my...well, I don't know what yet. Right now I have it set up for turning in papers and sharpening pencils. See the clips on the basket? That was a Pinterest find...when we have homework, they put their clip on as they put it in the basket, so I can easily see who hasn't turned it in. Thanks to Kristi for sharing it with me!

I may be moving these things to the shelf under my windows and using this table for laptops -- if I can get them checked out each day.

Those flip charts are Moutain Math and Mountain Language lots of skills on each page.

Lunch check-in...the kiddos move their sticks under Hot Lunch or Sack Lunch.
This is like my command center. The blue wire basket is where I put all the handouts and materials I need for that day. The Good Morning folder holds my Morning Routine (remember you can grab it for free at our TPT store). The orange magazine file is for important notes that are passed out at the end of the day. The black bookshelf holds my teaching manuals, CD player and CDs, calendar materials, and if you look really close you can see our class pet - Duke (a stuffed pug - ha ha).
All-Star Behavior Catalog - No PRIZE BOX. HOORAY!
My cleaned off desk...wonder how long that will last? I just had to get a picture because it will probably never look that way again this year. :-)

This is the frame I my hubby made for my first day pictures. I'm going to put them up on my bulletin board in the hallway. These are my two kiddos modeling...learned that I can't do it in front of a white wall and hope the students don't wear black. LOL!

That's it! Okay, I really need to get back to work. Our new batch of Firsties comes tomorrow!



  1. I love the work folders on the side of the desks. How did you attach them?

  2. I love the work folders on the side of the desks. How did you attach them?


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