Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wisdom for Wednesday - An Old Favorite

Good morning! 

I've seen the many of you are already back to school and I feel for you! I know I will be in that same exhausted, frazzled state in just a couple of weeks. That's why I have to share one of my absolute favorite bits of "wisdom" today (originally posted in August of 2014, and probably a few times since).

Can I get an amen?

I know this quote goes with many others I have posted about priorities, embracing the day, and keeping things in perspective, but that is because it is one of my biggest personal challenges.

I can't help it! 

When I see a quote that reminds me not to be overwhelmed with the here and now, it speaks to me every. single. time.
(By the way, where did that period in the middle of a sentence thing start? It must be a bloggy thing because I have found myself wanting to do it lately, and it must be from reading blogs. I've resisted until now because it is not grammatically correct and I am a perfectionist, you know...)

This is a perfect reminder for me as I begin this school year. I love the way it is worded. The word refuse implies that I have a choice (and I do). I also like the word fitting for how I feel much of the time.

I wonder...

In order to refuse to be swamped...could it mean that I might have to say "no" more often? 

And as for those things that I don't have an option to say "no" to, could it be that I can choose not to be swamped by them?

I think if I keep my focus on the Lord where it should be, the answer to both questions is yes. 

What about you?

Me again here in the present...praying for you all as you head back to school. 

May you lean on The One who can give you the energy and strength to make it through this busy time. 

May you NOT be swamped with the cares of this life--and instead focus on the eternal.

May you have a blessed school year! 

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  1. Thank you Crystal. Sometimes it's difficult to find balance and focus


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