Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Quick Catch-Up Post

Well, as you can probably tell since I have been MIA, I am back-to-school! Last week flew by without me even realizing it was my turn to blog. Good thing my bloggy partner is pretty easy going. :-)

Things have definitely been different this year in my role as the Title I teacher. I have found myself bouncing around helping with Kindergarten (bless you, K teachers!!), lunch duty, recess duties, moving computers in the library, and trying to squeeze in time to prep some things I plan to use this year. The crazy schedule makes me want to start pulling kids ASAP so maybe I can settle into more of a routine!

This is my tiny office where I start my day in the K-2 building. I'm not spending much time in there yet, but I will soon. I stay at this building until 1:00 and then drive about 20 miles to the 3-6 building.

Here's some pics of that office (much bigger):

The blue wall now has the beginnings of a "Grammar Wall" which I'm pretty excited about. I'll have to share pictures later.

Look at all those books!

And finally, our back-to-school pictures. I wasn't ready when they left, so we had to do them separately this year. My daughter is a junior. And my son is a SENIOR! Oh...and this is year nine for me. :-)

Hope you have an amazing week! After school today, I'm off to coach our FIRST volleyball game of the year. :-)

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