Friday, June 9, 2017

Reviewing Letters and Sounds

Please tell me you are on summer break! I know I've seen some teachers posting on social media that they are still hanging in there. I hope by now you are relaxing...on a beach...or on your couch. :-)

I had a great blog post planned about Reading Wonders after having a year of it under my belt, but I'm actually scheduling this post before leaving on a trip and I just ran out of time.

Instead, I'm going to share a few of my favorite finds since my pinteresting focus has changed from 2nd grade to more of that intervention position I will hold next year.

I love this post from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten, especially since working with kindergartners in reading will be new to me.

Again, with the Kinders. This time some pre-writing activities from PreKinders.

And then there is this one...multi-sensory letters from Teach Me Mama

As you can see, in my new position, I might be most nervous about finding new ways to review letters and sounds with my kinders. I'll be a little nervous working with upper elementary too, but I'll save that for another day of pinning. :-)

Have a great week! 

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