Monday, August 17, 2015

Must Read Books-Beginning of the Year and Back at it!

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This week is about the books that you love to read at the beginning of the year.


I love this book.  I use it at the beginning of the year to talk about rules.  David goes to school and does many things that he shouldn't do.  

Wemberly worries about everything especially about the first day of school.  


Sarah is scared to go to a new school and her parents have to prod her to go.  She is quickly befriended by Mrs. Burton who helps her through her day.  I like this book because it has a surprise ending.


Pete the Cat goes to school in his school shoes and discovers many cool places like the library, lunchroom and playground.  


A little pug dog doesn't think he is lovable because other animals tease him.  Then a neighbor dog moves in and he learns that he is lovable just the way he is.  This story has a cute surprise ending to it.  

Make sure you link up and share what books are your favorites to read at the beginning of school.  

I have officially reported back to school and we start with kids on Wednesday.  I don't know why, but every year I get very nervous for that first day of school.  I mean so nervous that I have butterflies in my stomach.  You would that that after 17 years, that first day would be a breeze, but not for me!  :-)

Have a great day!

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