Monday, November 10, 2014

Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour, Sight Word Olympics, & Extra Fun Thing!

I think, I'm a little like Crystal this week and have a few random things that I am posting about.  We will start with the telling time to the hour and half hour.  We have been working a lot with this because it seems like they get the hour down and then when you introduce the half hour, everything becomes confusing.  So, we have been practicing a lot!  We did a hands-on
activity with telling time to the hour and half hour that I found at A Heart Teaching.   In this activity, we made a human clock and the other kids had to tell the time that the students were showing.  They were very careful when it was half past the hour that they showed the short hand in between the numbers.

We then practiced with the Telling Time I Have, Who Has Game that we have at TPT.  They loved playing it and I started timing them to see how fast they could get.  Each time they were faster and got so excited!

I Have Who Has - Time to Hour and Half-Hour

We then used the I Have, Who Has cards to play a few games of Scoot.

Finally, they partnered up and played our connect four telling time game.

Telling Time Mega Pack!

After all of this practice, they are getting much better at telling time-YAY!

Next, we have started Sight Word Olympics that goes with our Pathways to Reading Program.  It is just a fun way for the kids to work on and learn their sight words.  They were given a list of sight words to practice on and had to read them in 2 1/2 minutes without sounding them out and missing any of them.  Olympic Judges (myself and our Title 1 teachers were the Olympic Judges-which one of my boys thought an actual JUDGE was going to come in for it :-) ) come in now and then to test them.  Well, we did the first testing of it and I had a few pass it and earn a blue ribbon.  They were so excited and now the others keep asking when the Olympic Judges will be back because they have practiced extra for that blue ribbon!  :-)

Finally to our Extra Fun Thing.  On Fridays, my co-teacher and I do an extra fun thing where students get to participate if they get all of their work done for the week and their behavior has been good.  My co-teacher and I switch every week.  One week, she does the extra fun thing with the kids that earned it and I take the workers etc. and the next week we switch.  My co-teacher had the extra fun thing this week and she is very crafty (I'm not at all crafty).  She did sand art with them and they absolutely loved it!  All of the kids sand art turned out really neat!

I'm a K-state (KSU) fan, so this was of course one of my favorites!

Hope you have a great week!  

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