Monday, November 17, 2014

Germs! Germs! Germs!

We have been talking about germs and good hand washing habits in our classroom.  Today we had one of our parents who does things through 4-H come and do a lesson on hand washing and germs. First, they read a book to them and then they discussed germs and handwashing steps with them.  

The students then broke into groups and they gave them the lotion that had glitter on it and were able to look under a black light to see how dirty (germy) their hands were.  

All of the students of course said that they were the best at hand washing.  They went to the sinks and began washing.  After they thought that they had washed their hands really good, they went back and looked under the black light again to see if they had washed all of the germs off.  To their surprise, many of them had to take several trips to the sink to wash again.  They then began to realize that you really have to wash your hands good to get the germs off.  They had a blast with it and they all said that they were going to wash their hands really good from now on. 

This lesson came at the right time because we just had our first couple of inches of snow for this season over the weekend and it seems as though those germs are already spreading.  

Have a great day!

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