Monday, December 9, 2013

Breathing a HUGE Sigh of Relief!!!!!!!!!!!!

I survived my first Christmas program as a music teacher!
The kids did a fantastic job, and they were so stinkin' cute dressed up in their western wear. They definitely made me look good. Ha! I heard a lot of good I'll call it a success. I really don't know if that is bad or good though...I was really hoping to get out of teaching music next year!
My coworkers definitely helped me out...from kicking around ideas to helping with actions and words to running the sound equipment. They are great!
I had a nice surprise after the program too...
Kristi and Sara*
L to R: Kristi, Sara, Crystal

I had no idea they were coming! Kristi had sent me a text this morning telling me good luck and that she was thinking of me...sneaky, sneaky. I was so happy to see them! I miss these two ladies more than I can say, and it meant a lot to me that they would drive all the way out to my little rural school to support  me on my first "big night." Thanks ladies - LOVE you!
And look what they brought me...

If you've followed our blog long, you know cocoa is a vital ingredient in my morning coffee drink!
*A little about Sara...when I was hired at my old school where I taught with Kristi, Sara moved up to 2nd grade from 1st grade. When I left, she decided to move back to 1st grade and now co-teaches with Kristi. She is also one of my BEST friends. She will laugh at that because when we first started to get to know each other, I was very open about not having a lot of good friends! HA!
Well, I will sleep well tonight! Can't wait until Friday...took a personal day to recover! :-)
Have a great week!


  1. Yay Crystal! Glad to hear it went so well:)

  2. You've been such a great sport to take on such a big job. I'm glad it turned out so well!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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