Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking 100 Years Old...

We celebrated 100 days of school today, and Kristi had the great idea of having our kiddos dress up. I told her it would mean that we would have to dress up too... She wasn't crazy about the idea, but when our principal suggested pajamas, robes, and curlers we went for it!
I mean who can say no to wearing slippers and jammies to school?

Well, what do you think?
Please don't say we look 100 years old.
Kristi wasn't too happy that I had the morning off for my son's doctor's appointment. We had a lot of subs in the building and she said they were all looking at her like she was crazy as she hobbled down the hall in the morning before school.
I threatened my 13-year-old son that I was going to wear this "get-up" to the doctor's office. He looked at me with a horrified expression and said, "I am NOT sitting by you!" LOL!
I made it at lunch time and just being here for 1/2 day has worn me out. I feel like I could be 100 years old! :-)
Here's my kiddos. They were so cute! Check out my girl in the orange shirt. Her glasses were hilarious (I tried to let you see part of them). You can't see it, but the boy in the hat (second row) even had age spots on his arms! Also the boy in the blue shirt on the second row holding a $1...what is up with that?

The girls were especially cute...

It was a fun day, but I'm exhausted! I like my routine too much!!! ;-)

Have a great rest of the week!


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