Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wisdom for Wednesday-Why?

Welcome to this week's:

I recently had a friend asking me why God allowed some of the hard things that she was dealing with to happen in her life.  That was a tough question for me because I personally have asked and wondered the same thing at different seasons of my life.  That is something I believe I may ask my whole life.  I will say that I can now look back at some of the trials of my life and see how God has connected me with others and I've been able to have empathy for them for what they were going through because I had been through similar things.  Then there are some trials that I still haven't understood.  I'm not sure why God allows us to go through some of the heartaches that we experience and I'm not sure I will ever understand it in this lifetime, but I will try my hardest to trust his will and have faith that there is a purpose for each one of the trials.  
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