Sunday, May 21, 2017

10 Day Balloons

I know I have shared this every year, but you never know who might be new to the

Each morning, I will pop a balloon. 
Inside is a piece of paper with a fun activity or treat written on it for us to enjoy.

I have two simple rules for the balloons that help tremendously with the final days of craziness.

1. If you get in trouble, you don't do/have the next balloon activity/treat.
2. If you complain about the activity or treat, you don't get to enjoy it.

This year our 10 day balloons included the following:

10-gum (Wed)
9-write with pen (Thurs)
8-Art Day (Friday)
7-Nature Walk (Monday)
6-Mystery Reader (Tuesday)
5-Move Desks (Wednesday)
4-Extra Recess (Thursday)
3-Kickball (Friday)
2-Movie (Monday)
1-Ice Pops (Tuesday)

We have 2 more days left for our balloons!
The kids get so excited about the balloons and popping them each morning!

1.  We started with gum day and they were so excited to be able to chew gum in school!!

2.  Pen day-I was amazed of how careful they were when they did their work because they knew that they couldn't erase the pen.  (I might have to let kids use pens more often :-)).  

We had a math competition in math and worked with our partners to finish up our math books.  These two boys were so excited and really thought they were "hot shots"  because they finished their math books and started on Crystal's 2nd grade hotshots packet!  Plus they got to use their pens on the packet!

3.  Art Day-The kids got a white piece of construction paper and used their markers (they were extremely excited to use markers because we don't use them a lot in first grade) to draw and color whatever they wanted.

4.  Nature Walk-Sorry I forgot to take my camera outside and take pictures of the kids on this day.  The kids got to go outside in the field and explore nature with a magnifying glass.
5.  Mystery Reader-We have a nice little patio area outside our room and we got together with the other first grade class and read our story with them outside on the patio area.  It was a beautiful day outside!

6.  Move Desks-They got to move their desks anywhere in the room that they wanted to move them.  They thought this was the absolute best!!

7.  Extra Recess-You know they loved this one for sure!

8.  Kickball-We had planned on going outside and playing a game of kickball against the other first grade class, but it was storming, so we went to plan B.  It became a paint or sand art day.  They got to choose either to paint or use colored sand to make a picture.  

9.  Tomorrow will be movie and popcorn day!

10.  Tuesday will be ice pops day!

Have a great week!

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