Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fact Families, Kahoot, I Have Who Has, and Grade Cards

1.  Fact Families-We have been reviewing fact families and the kids loved making a snowman while practicing their fact family.  

2.  Kahoot-I love Kahoot!  We practiced our shapes by playing a game of Kahoot!   I played with the kids and they all were working hard to try and beat me!  (Some of the kids are wearing hats because we wore hats for Dr. Seuss day).

3.  I Have Who Has-Some of the groups practiced sight words with I Have Who Has while other groups practiced words with a vowel sound.  They always love it when we play I Have Who Has and they love to be timed.  One group made it in 41 seconds....that has been the fastest so far.  They were very excited!

4.  Grade Cards-We have parent teacher conferences coming up in a couple of weeks and I love doing this kid grade card with the kids that I found at What the Teacher Wants.  It is always interesting to see how they think they are doing in the different areas.  At the bottom part it asks what you think about when you think about school.  This one said I Have Who Has and I asked him what he meant by it.  He told me that he absolutely loved playing I Have Who Has!  He said every day he comes to school he always wakes up saying, I sure hope we play a game of I Have Who Has today!  (Kids are so cute!  I love it when they love something and are learning at the same time!)

Have a great week!

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