Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentine's Day Party, Minute to Win It, Sight Word Musical and Missing Subtrahend

We had our Valentine's Day Party this week and the kids had a blast.  I think that the kids get more excited for the Valentine's Day Party more than any other parties we have throughout the year.  They played a game where they had to try and blow q-tips through a straw into a bucket.  Then, they had time for a snack, passed out Valentine's Day cards and then looked at what all they got from everyone.

We practiced our spelling words using the game minute to win it.  I found this cute game at Coconut Cutie's Classroom.  The kids loved it and it was a great way for them to practice on their spelling words for the week.

To practice our sight words this week, we played musical paper plates.  I wrote all of their sight words on a paper plate and put them around the room.  I played music and when the music stopped they had to find a paper plate and  they had to read the sight word.

In math this week we worked on finding the missing subtrahend.  So, I pulled out the skittles and used them as our math manipulative this week.  If they followed along and worked hard on their page, they got to eat the skittles when they were all finished.  

I hope you had a great week and have a great weekend!

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