Monday, September 12, 2016

Partner Teaching

Today was the first day of the first graders working together with his/her shoulder buddy on our Mountain Language and Mountain Math.  We have spent the first few weeks working the problems together and today they got with their shoulder buddies to work.  They were soooo excited!  We talked about how we have to talk to one another when we work with our shoulder buddies.  We started out by practicing a couple of problems.  One would start and talk about what he/she thought the answer would be and why.  The other student would have to agree or disagree and explain why they agreed or disagreed.  

They did a WONDERFUL job!  I think I have some future teachers in this classroom.  As I walked around the room, several of them were showing his/her partner how they got the answers.  I was so excited about how well they did for the first time.  Here they are:

I'm excited to see them in action again tomorrow!

Have a great night!

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