Friday, July 17, 2015

Five for Friday--Giveaway, Games, and Freebies!

Happy Friday!

I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs for a peek at my week.


This is week 2 of my DIY version of the 21 Day Fix. I looked into buying it, but then realized it was really about making smart choices and portion control--something I felt confident I could do myself. I am so proud of myself for eating LOTS of fruits and vegetables--I even craved fruit yesterday! That's a new one for me! LOL!


So...this kid is so excited. I know it might not look like it. He shows excitement like his dad. What can I say? I had to make him smile! Some of you watched the video on Facebook of him running for the first time since February 23rd last week--now that showed a genuine smile.

He is released for cross country. He doesn't have to go to therapy for two months--when they will start working on making cuts, sharp turns, etc. for basketball. Woohoo! And mom and dad are happy that insurance is covering his expensive brace at 100%! Praise the Lord!


This pic takes some set-up.

I have not been sleeping well for months--which means hubby has not been sleeping well. We had our queen-sized bed for 15 years and it was a hand-me-down from hubby's parents so who knows how old it really is... 

On July 4th, we decided we'd had enough and loaded up in our truck and went shopping. We spent hours picking the perfect king-size (hubby wanted to go up a size)! To my disappointment I learned that we would have to wait 7-10 days to have the bed delivered. 

So we waited. 

It was coming the 10th day.

Then the 11th day.

Then they said it wouldn't be here until today (the 13th day).

So the mad face is on our old bed...that's how I felt about spending one more night in what I have not-so-lovingly termed the "torture chamber."

The other picture is me on my new bed that was delivered yesterday--hooray! 
Please ignore the snowflake pillows and camo blanket. The king-size means I got new sheets too--woohoo! And in case you're wondering, I slept like a baby last night. :-)


In case you haven't entered yet, you're going to want to click here to enter our giveaway! Prizes include $50 to Target, $25 to Amazon, and $25 to Etsy.

We're also having $1 Deals every day the giveaway is open (until July 20th at midnight). Today's deal is our Connect Four Sight Word Mega Pack--marked down from $5! 

Feel free to pass the word along about the giveaway and $1 deals.



At my school last year, we all had "versions" of the Whole Brain Teaching rules and they were all in different orders... Talk about confusing when we teach each other's kids for specials! In music, I'd say, "What's rule #1?" And the K and 1st would say something different than what I had in 2nd...etc. We decided to all get on the same page and I came up with these. Click the picture to grab them for free!

And...I've had some people ask me about our Robot Calendar. It is updated in our Robot Theme Pack if you purchased that. I decided to also put it on Facebook as our Fan Freebie for now. I tried to let our followers know, but considering it has only 30 or so views I think FB might be "hiding" weird the way that works.

Speaking of FB hiding things, I wanted to let you know (in case you didn't see it) we have a little game going on over there too. Comment with what you would like to see as $1 deal in the coming days and on Monday will draw a winner, who will get whatever they selected for FREE! The game post is pinned at the top of our page for now so head over there to play along.

Okay, I'm out! 

Back-to-school panic is setting in...I report back one month from today, students the 21st and I have so many "projects" I haven't finished yet. Yikes! Need to stay focused today!


  1. Thanks for the rules freebie. And I just purchased the Connect Four game. Thanks. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for your purchase. I know your kiddos will love the sight word games!



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