Thursday, December 13, 2012

Teddy Bears and CHAOS!

So here I sit...waiting...

...for the Christmas program...

And it dawned on me that I should have been taking pictures of some of the things that have contributed to our CHAOS around here, but I neglected to snap any shots. So let me just tell you what I should have captured (as if it is not permanently etched into my mind).

1. Christmas Around the World trip to Mexico with a pinata.

What were we thinking?

You have to know Kristi and I really like routine and structure. These fun things throw us off a bit. Not to mention as you listen to the kids comment about not getting enough candy or why this person got this many pieces or how it wasn't fair that the pinata broke when it did... Well, you get the idea. We ask ourselves why do we do anything fun when they don't appreciate it...

Here's why...At the end of the day, one of my sweeties said, "Thank you for letting us hit the pinata today."

Okay, it was only one out of 38 (between our two classes), but it was one!

2. Christmas Around the World trip to France with shoes kicked off to receive treats.

Okay, so I am glad I missed this one (had a sub). Apparently, both of our classrooms really STUNK during that time... Ha ha!

3. Program Practice Day 1

First time for us traveling to another building for the program. It is a little difficult to lay out clear expectations when I wasn't sure of them myself! Add to that, Kristi had an emergency and had to leave before the practice. A wonderful Title Aide (retired teacher) took her place and we muddled through.

4. Program Practice Day 2

Better right? Well, maybe as far as the kids go...

I definitely made my expectations more clear and we remembered to take off our coats before sitting down so we didn't think we had to have that exact same seat after singing.

Kristi was still gone, so I was trying to tell her sub and helpers what we were supposed to do and where the kids were supposed to be. All the while, prodding one of my little ones to finish the math that should have been done before we ever went to practice.

5. Teddy Bears, Teddy Bears

For one of our songs, the kids are supposed to have teddy bears.

It is the first song.

That is important for you to understand the chaos.

So the kids brought these bears from home the whole week and we had to remind them everyday to keep them in their backpack and not at their desk pretending to be their "Furry Friend" (a reward they can choose).

Here is the fun part...after the first song, Kristi and I have to walk across the stage to pick up the bears.

Ugh! I do not want to walk across the stage in front of all those parents!

Anyway, the first day of practice, we took our library totes thinking they were plenty big. As I walk across the stage, collecting 19 teddy bears (you know how kids are...some of these bears are huge because--of course--who ever has the biggest teaddy bear wins, right?) my tote fills up and kids are now throwing their bears on the top of the stack which is so high I had to literally hold it to the side to see where I was walking. My principal even worried I would fall down the steps...

Now we each have a huge round tote to carry--and after today's practice these are even borderline too small.

6. Grade Cards

Ummm...Who has time for that? ;-)

Okay, enough chaos for one day. Hope your days leading up to break are going better for you!

I'm off to gather teddy bears and hope that I don't end up falling on my face. At least the landing will be soft...


P.S. Three more days for us!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your "chaos." Here's to three more days for you, teddy bears and all!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Well, we survived the teddy bears with no slips, trips, or falls. I did have 1 kid sneak in another large teddy bear so I had to carry my tote of teddy bears and 1 in my hand. Ha ha.



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