Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OR Sound Visitors and Connect Four Freebie

OR Sound Visitors and Connect Four Freebie

We have been working on the OR sound this week in our reading series.  My students love the visitors that come to our class each week-this week was oor, or, and ore.  I make up a little story about each visitor and they try to guess what sound the visitor loves.  Once they try guessing, I introduce the visitor and tell them that they have a favorite song that has their favorite sound in it.  We play the song that is from Funky Phonics.  I feel a bit silly when introducing these visitors and the stories that I tell with them, but the students love it and get so excited when I tell them that we have a new visitor.  They love trying to guess what it is and love hearing the songs that go with them. 

To practice reading words with the or sound, we have been playing Connect Four.  This is a game that I found and adapted to go with our sounds that we are working on.  The following is how to play the game:

Pass out one card, die and colored counters to a group of students. The student rolls the die and puts a counter on the number that they rolled.  If they say the word correctly, they get to keep their colored counter on the space.  If they say it incorrectly, they have to take the counter off the space.  Students can also try to bump the other student’s counters off from a space if they roll that number.  The first student to get four in a row wins the game. 

Here are some pics of our firsties playing the game. 

I have some of these games at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  You can grab the OR game for FREE!!
Hope you have a blessed day!  Kristi


  1. I love this! My kiddos always love "visitors"!

    Thank you for sharing! =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks, glad you like it! I just checked out your cool Easter eggs. That is so creative!!!


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